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Anytown, Canada
Born on August 31, 2005.
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Jazz : Jazz General
Solo performer with the sounds of an entire band. A large repertoire featuring Jazz, Latin, and Rock and Roll
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About Me
Sam began composing six years ago and during that time has produced over 100 songs across a variety of styles. His entry into music started about 6 years ago after a head injury led him to the piano as part of his convalescence. Over this time he began to develop a unique style blending contemporary jazz with classical music. Many of the songs reflect memories of life's journey such as 'The Lonely Highway' and 'Through The Mist' . Story published in the Ontario Brain Injury Association's Quarterly Review - A Story of Perserverence. http://www.obia.ca/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=tag&tag=Persevereance&Itemid=282
Martin Phillips
Hi Sam thanks, you have some great music here :) Martin
victory 01
Hi Sam, For some reason, your message only appeared now on my page since December. Thank you for the good wishes. May this year, to you and yours, also be with so much blessings and a renewed closeness with our Creator God. Are you on Facebook as well ... and under what name (if you want to share info)? Have a happy week. Santa. :-)
Thank You Happy New Year to You!
Susan Raines
Thanks for the Christmas wishes Sam! Sorry to take so long to reply. Very nice to see you, I haven't seen you here for such a long time!!! All the best to you for 2015!!! Susan
Bonjour Sam Thank you for the Christmas wishes I hope you are fine. At this greeting season, I wish you lovely moments with your family in Christmas day. May the New Year bring you happiness, prosperity, success with your music. Take care and enjoy Christmas! Dani
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