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Roth Sothy
Lowell, MA  USA
Born on May 6, 1985.
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Instrumentals : Beats General
Electronic : Trance
a conjure of trance, breaks, ambient, and other electronic music.
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Instrumentals - Beats General
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Instrumentals - Trap
About Me
Roth Sothy is the man behind aliases such as RS Trax, EX RAPT0R, DJtal Punk, asianpike, and more.. I grew up and currently am residing in Lowell, Mass. I like anime and cartoons so I developed the talent for drawing and sketching. I like to sing karaoke with friends when I invite them over. With singing, I became more capable of learning to compose music conjoined with today's technology, programming the tunes is what I do best now. Most of my music is made depending on my mood. They are sometimes influenced by things that I see and hear also such as video games. I grew up loving the Nintendo and everything about Nintendo. It's safe to say that it's a big part of my life. Click to zoom in on my visitor map!
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Naut Humon
Wanna make us some album art?
Hi Everyone, I would like to say that you can listen to my new tune 'Seb - News For You (Lovetrance Remix)' right now ! I hope you enjoy it, I would appreciate your feedbacks
J.R. Rivers
Thanks for accepting the add Roth...I appreciate you taking the time to listen and feel the vibe bro...You've got some nice tracks yourself...Sonically correct...Yeah, I gotta add to promote the music...Hopefully I can get discovered here or elsewhere, or make a contact that will connect me to that big break...I dig the indie side of things, though the day that I'm making music distributed on a major label...That's a dream turned into reality...Thanks again Roth...Much success to you...Peace...J.R.
Hi and Welcome to Roth's My.SoundClick page! Feel free to leave your comments and replies on my message board anytime. \:D/ Roth Sothy // RS Trax
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