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Born on May 23, 1958.
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Updated his about me. Sep 9, 2018
Liked his own playlist. Mar 19, 2016
Liked his own playlist. Mar 19, 2016
Depending upon ones tastes, roaming the web's music download sites can be a punishing experience. It was such a pleasure to discover YOUR compositions, Roberto. The breadth and depth of your musical understanding is both remarkable and refreshing. I am charmed by the intelligence and coherence of your creations. Those might be "unlikely" words of praise, coming from a guy who was searching for music to back a MOTORCYCLE video... but I take that as confirmation of the universal appeal of your music sklls and the delights they produce. Please don't stop. Grazie mille. - paolo The Late-Life Bker
Hey Roberto, Thank you very much for your friend request and the add of "Mouth tells MacNeal" on your station. Many greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
J. Jacobs
Thanks for the support and taking the time to listen. Adding new stuff all the time... Feel free to stop by anytime...
manuel belli
Ciao Roberto, grazie per la tua amicizia e complimenti per la tua musica. Spero di sentirne ancora ;-) Hi Roberto thanks for your friendship and support and congratulations for your music. Keep up the good work ;-) Manuel
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