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United Kingdom
Born on June 11, 1961.
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About Me
Update - April 2010: Although the below profile is still true my focus has changed a bit. I have decided to enter a regional Bodybuilding Championship in 2011; my 1st ever competiton just in time for my 50th birthday. So that is taking basically all my time at the moment. Should you be interested, I would be pleased to meet you at my blog called Bloody Hell... what did I do now?. ____ Profile: At the moment I'm very busy to build and promote my lifestyle website Incredible Ladies. Guys welcome to visit: You may learn something about women you didn't know before ;). It's more an online book/magazine that grows a bit more every week. So when I joined MySpace I met Woodnickel and here I am. Love Woodnickel and love Soundclick. My background: German living in England since 7 years and loving it. Married, pet lover (cat and fish, would love to have a dog, donkey, geese, chicken and sheep/goat, but one can't have everything - says hubby) and obsessed with Bodybuilding in order to defy age related disintegration.
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Hi Rika , It's so good to hear from you , Thanks for stopping by and saying hello , I wish you all the best my friend , Take care and keep smiling , Alan :))))))
Buddy Lee McCartney
Hello Rika thank you as well for being a buddy have a great day and stay in touch and good luck in all ya do Buddy Lee
I'm wishing you a lovely Easter break! I'm sorry that I haven't been around a lot and missed some of your kind comments and wishes. Incredible Ladies are eating all of my time at the moment. So thank you all, for keeping me up to date, and giving me your support! Have a good, creative time! Rika
Hi Rika :)) Welcome my friend to soundclick , I'm so glad your here :)) Have a wonderful week and enjoy all the great bands on here and of course Woodnickel LOL , Keep smiling , Alan
Hi Thomas, nice meeting you too! And it's so good to know that Rose doesn't have a musical bone although providing brilliant stuff. So I don't have to feel silly to be entirely non-musical (love to sing in the kitchen loud and wrong when I'm very very sure to be alone and when the dishwasher is running ;) but I just love it here!
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