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Red Hot CP weizz
red hot chili peppers
California, USA
Born on April 3, 1983.
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Instrumentals - Club Bangas
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Since they emerged from the Los Angeles underground in the late 1980s, Red Hot Chili Peppers have proved time and time again that they are one of the greatest bands in rock&roll. In 2006, they continued to push limits with the wildly successful Stadum Arcadium and a "Best Album" award from MTV Europe. Here's your chance to experience their live show in Australia, where RHCP always top the charts. Don't miss out! Register for MOG now – don't worry, it's free - and you'll become a part of a new community dedicated to discovering people through music and music through people. Here you can mingle with other music fans, post to your own blog, show off your badass collection, and get music recommendations from sources you trust: other people just like YOU.
clemcham Uber Cool: you are one of our all time favorite bands. Nadine love to sing 'Under the bridge.' This has made our day!
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