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Steven Schwarz
Oneonta, NY  USA
Born on May 29, 1975.
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Rock : Rock General
Pagan Hard Rock / Metal
Alternative : Alternative General
just imagine what a bunch of brain eating, poo flinging, undead chimps would sound like. That's not us, but we aren't the greatest in the world..... yet. :P
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Liked the band/artist Spiral Dance. Jun 8
Liked Keith Heimericks's song Simple Man. Jul 26, 2017
pyrael Insanity is nearly ready to wreak it ugly head and spread havok throughout the internet and (hopefully) the airwaves!!! Tracking was completed a couple of weeks ago and has been shipped to Frank Fisher at 29 Studios for his expert mixing and production talents. From there it will be off to Stephen Baldassarre at GCM Studio for Mastering et al. Release date is still TBA as there is quite a bit for Frank to import into his system, which is quite different from mine. It took 10, 4.7 GB DVDs to get it all to him. (I swear sometimes I should have just copied it all to a small hard drive). A little surprise for everyone...The final mixing will be to ANALOGUE!! Mastering will also be predominantly analogue with the final proper master in both formats (Yes, if all goes well there just might be a vinyl release in the midst!).

Visit my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/PYRAYEL for more info and updates!!
Ascenzion Hi pyreal,
Much thanks for stopping by and visiting my music gallery today. I really do appreciate you taking the time to listen to the entire gallery. Yeah,'To The Fifth' is one of my favorite. I love odd time signature stuff and the 7/8 segments was a joy to write. I love prog rock although I don't write much of it. Anyway I really like your statement "simplistic complexity". I think that is an awesome narrative. Thanks again...Al
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