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Peter Woodhouse
punky pete
Whitton, United Kingdom
Born on October 27, 1964.
My own artist page
Alternative : Experimental
Chronicles of Punkatit
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About Me
I'm just music crazy!! Always singin', and always playin'!! :-) Cyberpunking's the new way!!! ( New song - Young water girl- Check it out! Punkatit! :-)
The Benefit Cheats   I have a new band, ' The Benefit Cheats'

We play the Surya Club this friday, on Pentonville Road, Kings Cross. Please come to see us!! I think we will be on at about 8.30 p.m ish!! We got a second gig at the Tower Tavern on the 10th of March. Both in London!! The Benefit Cheats are on Facebook !!! And soundcloud! Thanx!!! Take care and have a great week, and a great weekend!!
New Songs   I have been workin' on some new songs - material!! :)) It is all gettin' better!! I will put some new stuff on here as soon as I have started to record!! Thanx....:@)
Great day   Wow, it's big up day, Man!! The Rays beware!! But the sun is shining..:)) Take it easy!!
Not For The Mainstream Hey, fellow Soundclick mate!
Keep spreading' JOY... with the sound of music. ;)

blondieidol Hello, new song on my page called "Bringing you down'. It's a kind of chilled out dance track..i hope you like it.
claire and rick Hi Pete.
Thanks for adding our new song ,It's A Brand New Day ,to your station .

This one is a Claire Coburn /Alistair Sutherland collab .
Alistair /music /vocals .
ganimead Hello Pete,

thank you so much for including my songs on your station. I really appreciate your support :)

Have a great week!

Taz Davis Cheers for addin some of me stuff to your station, just had a listen to some of your songs......like the beats..lots goin on...sounds good
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