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David Boosamra
Phoenix, AZ  USA
Born on February 12, 1965.
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Alternative : Alternative General
Phrygia creates sonic atmospheres that spark creative thought. Mainly electronic beat laden and experimental electronica, Phrygia has now started to dive into more acoustic live music with the breakbeat and drum soaked rhythms maintaned throughout.
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About Me
I am a Network Engineer living in Phoenix, AZ with my beautiful wife Raina - The Bird... My days are spent working on network issues and security implementations, but the twilight hours are spent in music, movies, The Bird and usually more work. I am completely into alternative styles of anything pertaining to art and do not EVER listen to or watch commercial mass media garbage. I am getting older than I care to admit yet still subscribe to the notion that the lifestyle you lead dictates your youth. The music Phrygia creates is a complete mirror and indicative of the thought processes encompassed.
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Greetings from the Land of Phrygia…
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Our first installment on this blog was blaringly obvious. We are going to introduce you to some of our core influences, along with some background and links to free music.

Phrygia is the brainchild of david m boosamra, and thus subject to the mindset he imposes upon the “we” of Phrygia – basically a mild schizophrenic association to the third person. ...
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Welcome to the blog of Phrygia – Acerbic Statements of the Fringe
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As the title connotes, we will not be entering simple and mundane posts just to fill webspace. Every post has a defined thought process behind it, and is pointed toward understanding of our existence in this vast Universe. We will be presenting music as a conduit to conscious realization and links, references and updates to our ever-...
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