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Philip Cammarata
Reno, NV  USA
Born on March 17, 1983.
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HipHop : New School
Hot sauce
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Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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About Me
What up!!! This is Philthy Money Recordz!!! Holla at ya boy!!! U can hit me up on my Myspace!!! www.myspace.com/philthymoney This is a new and upcoming record label out of the Reno/Las Vegas Nevada area!!! The sound is hot, and I hope u like it!!!
Opportunity Knocks!!!   W.E.S. Productionz is hosting a mixtape we need 15-20 songs and we need artists with positive and/or insperational tracks fast!!!! You dont have to pitch in any money I REPEAT YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY TO BE ON THIS MIXTAPE. its being sponsered by the government to show the troops we still love them. We will be sending thousands I repeat thousands of copies over seas. If you wanna get involved here's how...

Send me 1 or 2 songs (MAX) of original work via Email
I Need Your Real Name Your Stage Name Your Email And A Phone Number For Contact

No Leased Beats!! Everything Has To Be Original Due To ...
Ballin!!!   Hey Rap Fans!!! Make sure that when u slide by my page, that you make sure and vote!!! Philthy Money Recordz is currently looking for a major Distribution Deal to put out the Realest Rappers to hit the music Industry!!! What I mean by the realest, is the hustla's that actually get out there and do what they say on their Rhymes!!! We about to shock the nation with nothing but Pimp, Playa, and Hustla Music!!! We doin' it out in the Wild Wild West!!! The first person that gets us the Distribution Deal will be offered a 30% contract of all of Philthy Money Recordz' profits!!! So if ya Rap ...
Me and my crazy ass cuzzin'   This my partna, my cuzzin', and my crime dawg!!! We ill matic together!!! I know, I know, I'mma a little skinny here, but I am currently battling Muscular Dystrophy, and I ain't gonna be here for long!!! So I gotta get it while the gettin's good ya feel me!!! But ladies hold on girls, I'm still Fine as a Mutha F***a don't even trip!!!
Angelika and Demons
Happy New Year! Love, good health, happiness, success! Let all your dreams will come true! Kisses Angelika
hey boo cumin thru
Nu Kirk
feelin the joints good looks ont he add man.
Hey Phil, Checking in to see how you're doing. Peace, Leo
Hey Philip! It's awesome to have you in my circle of friends. Never stop doing what you do. If there is anything I can do to assist please let me know.
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