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Mzee Ansari
Born on March 12, 1977.
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Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
Instrumentals : Hip Hop
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Slopetracks AKA Stacy Adams
**A CRIME SHAME** (Trap)
Instrumentals - Beats General
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About Me
I am a old/new school producer. My label speaks for it self.
NEW CD   PMG is about to release there 2nd cd. We are now in the mastering process. We would like the support of the soundclick community. We are also working on 3 other projects. if anyone is interested in working together please contact us and we will talk. The name of the new cd is panther music collection vol. 2. This is the last of the the two. We hope that you enjoy and stay tuned.
NEW CD   PANTHER MUSIC GROUP LLC is getting ready for there second release titled PANTHER MUSIC COLLECTION VOL. 2. Stay tuned and we will hit you up soon
Music   I am starting my label and need some assistance. I am looking for promoters, songwriters, manager, singers. I have the studio all I need is the team. If you are interested contact me at info@panthermusicgroup.com
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