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Sharla Owl Holland
Santa Rosa, CA  USA
Born on January 28, 1959.
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About Me
I am a native american (part) cherokee,osage choctaw,Very proud, I am into art watercolor & oils bein my medium, I want to help save the world! I love animals,ppl,music,womyn,doing my art & selling it & sometimes just giving it away is cool tooo.. Since I havent been here in probably a yr because I forgot about,duhhhhhhhh lol, nice to see ya all Peace!
How Time Flies   How time flies
When everyone is dying
They say don't cry
She's not gone
She is with the sun and the purple fairies
She will marry
The first Prince or Princess
That comes along
She does no wrong
She wishes she still had her bong and guitar
So that she could sing to her purple Fairies
Rarely does this happen
She does a lil rap and in the end she caps what she has to say
And in fairy land
No one ever pays
Rays of sunshine
Very fine lines
Come into the land of purple fairies
There stands Liana
So Small and fragile
She has so many tales to tell to her purple fairy people
Like when she was human
"WE Spoke"   We spoke of death everyday,I would say not today,ok?
And she promised me that as long as Mai Tai was around that she wouldnt hurt herself..Well,last saturday night,She took her Life and put Mai Tai thru so much strife.
This life was just too much for her
It's sure a shame that she has left us all
I'm apalled at the way she died
I lied,& I did love you with all of my heart
Part of it me feels it's my fault
Just pour more salt into my wound
You ruined the summer and the life that I was so close to you
I feel Blue that I will never see your sweet smile again
I would hv Run like hell if I knew ...
My Eye   My Eye sees and watches my heart knows as well as my soul. Foul play is there somewhere. My heart and soul hopes someone believes me and isnt afraid to do the right thing for the good of Mankind and children as well as her own child who she weeps about everynight. She sees his spirit quite often and isnt scared of his prescence because when I met him for the first time, I knew how strong and psychic that he was and how proud I was of my cousin,yep,him,Twist,wes,and sometimes I didnt lke him because I saw myself. Owl Windsong 07
Happy New Year to you. :D - DL
HI DL, been sick with all kinds of things,kinda fell outta pic for awhile...But hoping to be back real soon.....Happy November everyone...
Howdeeeee folks, I have really missed u, soon I hope to bring sum art to the table....have a great week your Friend Owl
Hi folks.....back again....been sick on & off & to tell the truth, I had forgotten about Soundclick, till a friend reminded me....glad to be back, & hopefully have something new to show you really soon, otherwise catch ya later....Have a great Halloween!!!!!!!!!
Hey, I'm just passing through. Where have you been? :) - DL
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