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Netta Aloni
Jerusalem, Israel
Born on January 1, 1945.
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Classical : Contemporary
I compose for various ensembles. I write especially to the Piano, Bayan, Violin, Cello and Soprano/Baritone/Voice, both solo or in tandem. I also comose for string ensembles (Quintets, Quartets and Trios)/
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About Me
Neta Aloni (b. 1945) lives in Jerusalem. He studied composition with Andre Haydu. He also studied with Reuven Sarussi, Gideon Levinson and Betty Olivero. Some of his works have been recorded by the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and played on the "Voice of Music" radio programme and at various concerts. His work "I have told myself completely" for voice and instrumental ensemble represented the IBA at the International Composers' Rostrum. His 3 previous CD's are: "Moments with myself" (1996) which includes pieces played by the Pianist Ora Rotem Nelken and the Flutist Idit Shemer; "Five Vocal Pieces" (2000) which includes pieces sung by Mira Zakai accompanied by Ora Rotem Nelken and 3 song cycles performed by Avital Raz and Esti Keinan with instrumental ensembles; "Breathless - Music for Bayan" (2007) which includes pieces played by Evgeny Mikhailenko. His new Cd, "The Empty Rooms" is a double-album consisting of pieces composed and recorded between 1999-2012. The music on the album features song-cycles put to poems by poets Yitzhak Laor and Lea Zehavi, duos for Violin and Piano, Cello and Bayan, pieces in different historical musical styles, solo Cello, solo Bayan and solo Violin pieces, a monodrama for Voice and String Quintet, and a String Quintet in the style of Modern Tango. He is also a practising Psychoanalyst. To contact Neta Aloni, please send an e-mail to: odia@zahav.net.il
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