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Mike Nobody
Taylor, MI  USA
Born on September 15, 1973.
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Alternative : Experimental
Noise project of Mike Nobody (Island of Misfit Noise, N-2 Submission, Bionics, Edible Audio)
Alternative : Other Alternative
The name Mike Nobody was bestowed upon me by Rob Wright of NoMeansNo in 1991. Originally used as a gag on the whole "grunge / loser" thing before it became big, Rob suggested I keep it. So, I did. I play guitar, bass, noise machines, and sing.
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About Me
Detroit Outsider Artist-Musician I play guitar, bass, vocals, dictaphone, noise machines, etc. Former guitarist / roommate of The Impaler, Detroit's vampire poet. Briefly played with Wesley Willis, M.S.B.R., Monster Island, Monster Bait, and His Name Is Alive. Former keyboardist / guitarist / noisemaker for the primitive noise electronic group Bionics. Roadie & cameraman for time STEREO label artists like Princess Dragon-Mom and Mog Stunt Team (also of Amphetamine Reptile Records). Contributor to the John Tesh is an alien propaganda of the mid-1990's. Ran for The United States House of Representatives in 2006, as a potential Green Party candidate.
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