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Michael Stewart
michael a stewart
Oak Grove, Mo  USA
Born on August 26, 1976.
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Instrumentals - Rock
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Thielus Grenon
Ancient Stories
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
About Me
I grew up in a cluster of small towns just north of Platte City,Mo(Dearborn,Camden Point,Edgerton)As a young man growing up I have done alot to sing about I guess you could say. I traveled on the rodeo circuit riding bulls with a couple of the greatest buddies a guy could have. I have traveled around and seen some great things and met some really great people that I call my friends. I have since married and moved to Oak Grove ,Mo where I have started my family. I have always loved the power of music,how a song can make you cry,laugh,fill you with pride,anger or just hit so close you get goose bumps. I fell in love with the guitar and started performing John Denver at my elementry schools at every talent show. I soon found a greater pasion for writing than I did performing so I decided to try and hone my skills at that and do the other for meer joy.I hope some day to sign with a label and write full time,but until then I will keep spinning wrenches at the shop and pick and write and home.... p.s. If any of you singers out there want to take one of my songs to the top or let one of my songs take you to the top,let me know and we will work out the royalties:) I also always look forward to collaboration with new and different people,long distance or local...
Acoustic Grace
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with love, joy, peace and beautiful music! Brett and Rebecca
e wright
Hey Mike Whats up man? I've been workin and havn't been on much. Good to here from you. No damage from the storms for us this time. Yea summer's over and the view at the beach is not as good as it was a month ago. Looks like Jimmie's gona get another one. Amazing Take care Ed
Michael- Just a quick note, I've got a new song....an experimental electronic/world fusion type called "Gazing ICU Infinit Blue (Life's Good)". Hope all is well for you, take care and keep in touch. Ryan Henke
hypnotic siren
Hey Mikey, I been good, busy ya know blaH blaH! It's warm and a lil humid, honestly not too bad though...pretty nice and me likes the sun :D Long hours huh...that def blows durin the summer!!! Hope all is well with you guys!!! Be good & stay outta trouble...HA
e wright
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Hey Man, I have to leave for work today, thought I'd drop you a line before that happens. Looks like Kyle is unstopable. Hell of a race. He's won a total of 12 this year including National and Truck and it aint over yet. Sorry to see Tony get sick, his Luck continues, he had a good Car. Looks like there's going to be a lot of driver changes next year for sure. Well Buddy got to go Cheers Ed
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