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Manny Gonzalez
Cary, NC  USA
Born on August 20, 1961.
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World : Reggae
IG and G is a musical collaboration by Vocalist IG & producer Manny G from MGZC Media. IG is lead vocalist of International Generation, a reality conscious Roots-Reggae band. Manny G has been producing music that's an engaging mix of various styles.
Jazz : Acid Jazz
We're a studio outfit that engages the many flavors of Jazz, Electronic, Pop and Rock Music.
Electronic : Techno
Techno from the Dominican Republic.
Latin : Merengue
A combination of Charanga and Merengue.
Electronic : Electronica
World dance.
Pop : Pop General
Covering all genres in their current forms and mixed with other genres.
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I Have (Instrumental)
Instrumentals - Electro-hop
Instrumental Produced By: KaiN.
Be A Boss / Rich The Kid Type Beat
Instrumentals - Trap
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About Me
Musician, producer, DJ, internet radio manager, videographer. Born in Dominican Republic, raised in Brooklyn, New York. Came from a family of musicians. My father played/toured with the biggest icons of Latin Music for over '3' decades. He was musical director for Ismael Rivera. The various studio projects I became involved in lead to the creation the MGZC Media Radio Network (http://mgzcom.net). We are always looking for new music to feature on our stations. All artists submissions are welcome.
MGZC - The Other Station   MGZC Radio. Playing the other tunes.

Your tunes!


Check it out and spread the word.

Your tracks are welcome for:

Downtempo, Lounge, Electronic/Dance.

haldeja fantastic music touch
a lot of good vibra
chew a root thanks for the add
mgonzal61 last edited on Tue Dec 20, 2016 @ 02:08 PM Much love to all! Happy holidays and a great new year.

MGZC Media Radio Network stations are on the air and available to your tunes (mgzcom.net) covering various genres. Send your tracks as mp3 attachements (1 per e-mail) to mg@mgzcom.net for consideration.
pdcmusic Hi Manuel

Happy Christmas from across the pond!

Have a really great '08
jazzjet Hi again Manuel,
Your Gourmet radio station is a gas. Great choice of music!!!
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