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markku vuollet
Lynwood, IL  USA
Born on September 30, 1949.
Today I mostly paint as I battle cancer. I find it a great for taking my mind off my problems. I still dabble in music when I can.
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Jazz : Smooth Jazz
I've been a formally trained musician for 6decades, 4 as a professional keyboard player and play multi instruments. I've done the road thing and played with countless bands. At my age it's tough to be on the road and that's why I just paint.
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Last Monday
this will be my last year on SC, after 15 yrs it's time to move on!
About Me
I've been to 4 continents, lived in 2 and in 3 countries. I've been to places and seen things most will never have the opportunity to in their life time. I've been a trained musician now for 6 decades and a professional one for 4. Altho I'm pretty much a has-been musician due to my luck with arthritis, I still putt around when I can but unfortunately I can't take it as seriously as in the past. Late fall of 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic prostate cancer. It's incurable and has spread elsewhere. I'm not one to be bitter nor do I feel sorry for myself. It is what it is and have come to the grip of reality. Even with severe pain since June 2017 I've tried to do my normal routine I love until I ended up being stuck in bed. That lasted 7 weeks easy but I forced myself to get up and do what I could. My days are numbered for sure as they have discovered that the cancer has quickly spread to my groin and hip areas. I was so tired of laying in bed in the nursing/rehab facility that I forced myself to get up and do something about it. Physical therapy was a bit difficult at first but I had a need and want to go home. My mind was set to get out as quickly as possible, the only problem was sitting, standing and walking was holding me back. I couldn't do any of it. It took me 2 weeks of hard work to conquer all and was released to go home!
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small victory for some, a huge one for me   They say that small victories should be celebrated regardless of how insignificant it may be to others. It was day 3 of me using a 25mcg pain patch instead of a 50. Downsizing during my weaning process has been a lot more painful moving around. Even tho my legs keep wanting to give out from under me, I go for my daily walks to build up my strength. This morning was a bit rough going but managed to walk 1.5mi./1.6k w/o my cane and on the downsized patch. Next time I'll try to go a little further.

I do a lot of painting still and look forward to it every day. It'll take me a couple of days to ...
hey ma, look no cane!   We all learn to walk at an early age and b4 u know it we take it for granted until U no longer can. Re-learning to walk is frustrating and takes a lot of time. I've used crutches then a walker and finally a cane for balancing. Lately, the only time I used a cane is when I have gone for my lengthy walks. Yesterday morning, I left my cane behind as I went for my walk. Yes w/o my cane! I was still having a few balancing issues and felt some pain but the balancing issues are from the pain patch as I'm high all the time. Today, is already too hot to even attempt to walk a short distance without a ...
Cold Turkey..No Way!   I had run out of my pain patches and my insurance company denied my new prescription, not only that but the pharmacy didn't stock them and had to be ordered. That alone would take 3 days on top of the 2 that I've already wasted trying to get some more. I've been wearing my patch past the 72 hours already and had to take it off. It was inevitable that I was going to have to go cold turkey which I was dreading.

It was one crazy kind of a day and 24+ hours after I had removed my pain patch. It started off with having sweats, massive headache where my eyes felt as if they were ready to pop out of...
Hi Marku, I had Bob Forbes do a vocal on an arrangement I did, I think you will enjoy his singing!
Mr Grant
Markku, Happy Thanksgiving man to you and your family! Love your music and your contributions to SoundClick. Keep doing what you do Arlen aka Mr Grant
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Thanks for adding me Markku! great to have you on my friendlist! Enyoyed 'One one ei8t' Great playing. Have a great upcoming new week. Falch
Hello Markku, Listening to 'A Little Bit of Jazz', a fine piece of music indeed, well performed and recorded, as always:). Wishing you a happy Christmas (hyvaa Joulua) and all good things for the coming year, plus good health! Cheers from Oz, Mauri.
Thanks for the add !!! Have a great week.
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