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luis solivan jr
woodhaven, ny  USA
Born on February 9, 1988.
My own artist page
Acoustic : Cover Songs
i write and compose, i sing a little but don't have a great voice, also i do alot of cover songs
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About Me
My name is Luis M Solivan, but people call me Louie, i'm a song writer just started writing, but i'm a musician play piano since 9 years old. and also i compose music, know how to rearranged music, i can't really read music, but i have ability to listen to music by hearing. i live with my bf we been together since June 13 2009. also i have disease, i'm born with HIV from my mom which i really missed, she passed when i was 13, she the one told me to go for my dreams, i don't have no studio or anything i only perform at a hospital of Beth Israel that i myself is a patent there. and i only perform and work with other musician that are therapists, my music is about my life how it conflicts but i don't wanna to be my lie only, but for everyone else to feel that i feel, struggle in life. because i know its hard to deal with life that has to do with racialism, abuse, sickness, etc. but that is all about me, if you need someone to talk to im here, if you need song you want to hear im here, and if you are one of a artist that want to one of my songs just contact.
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