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Lawrence Bodien
Squaw Lake, Mn.  USA
Born on October 10, 1945.
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Pop : Adult Contemporary
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About Me
I log, & saw wood.
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to soundclick   2003 Some Cadillac no. 4-6 2003. An artist which no one is as good as on your chart is 1-10,is not on there, But if a Cadillac girl from 2003 can make it, why not a gift from 2010-Erin Hay. Curious! lkb
PLTHHH!   Let us now discuss the the depth and the height of PLTHHH. This is a very important block, balk, back, bloig, doig, foig, soig, poig, doing. ( pause ) ding doing ( pause) ding doing
only to be forgotten, begotten, complainen, explainen, disarayin in fine shape as long as it is on your plate, eat it as long as it is fit, or you sit, & you don'e have to git
Enough on PLTHHH. Soon we will discuss SPILLEUNK, dunk, skunk, funk - y pantheons.
Thanks much for stopping by...I really appreciate your comments about "Northside". One of my favorites....Have a great week.
freedoms door
Thanks for adding my song to your station- i appreciate it! peace
Maria Daines
Hi Lawrence, it's great to find you here! I had to close my Yuwie site because it kept sticking & wouldn't open properly, please send a link to your blog as I've lost it, I remember it was really good. Wishing you a happy New Year & thank you for your support & all the best in 2008!! Love from Maria & Paul xx
Thank you for adding my song. . I hardly ever get on soundclick anymore.. You can check me out on Myspace.com/reneebohland. Thank you so much. Always Renee
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