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Howard Billington
London, ENG  United Kingdom
Born on September 9, 1985.
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Alternative : Brit Pop
We'll try anything at least once...... except sex changes
Alternative : Brit Pop
Rock : Rock General
Comedy : General Comedy
English American comedy punk rock band
Comedy : General Comedy
comedy pop rock disposable cheap fun stuff I guess
Pop : Pop Rock
Catchy English pop, rock and rap influenced by loads of varied genres and styles.
Rock : Cover Songs
Pop : Pop Rock
Pop : Power Pop
Music dammit
Pop : Adult Contemporary
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Guess what..... I do music!
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Liked Thomas J Marchant's song BackPack. May 27, 2014
Liked ZAN THE MAN's song MAD COW DISEASE. Feb 16, 2013
Soonish   I say I'll blog back soon. Well, it's been 4 years..... I'm living in central London and, since my last post, have released an album, working on a new one, did an album with my band Smoke it 'n' Die, lived with a Korean girl for 2 years, moved home twice, produced for a bunch or artists, lots of cool stuff..... Yeah I guess I been too busy ;)
Long time no blog!   It's all been go recently! Smoke It 'n' Die have their first practise session in 5 years this saturday with the new line-up and I've been working on getting the songs finished for my next solo album. It's all been rather chaotic, but it seems I was the only person in England enjoying the snowfall! I'm glad to say that more is forecast, all the way to April!

Oh well, much is in the pot and waiting to happen! I'll blog back soon :)
Out and awarding!   Yeah, I'm out and about and awarding awards! Check out the leprechuan review thread awards here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kgsk0MT3Ak

Also, after a few talks with old band members, we have the potential return of Smoke It 'n' Die lined up! Oh yeah! This year will be great!: Collaborations lined up with XoC, Dash Flow, Hybridkuri and loads of other artists aswell as the return of Smoke It 'n' Die and Fluffy Pussy and the next Japanese tour! Ooooo yeah!
gabrielsabadi Hey Howard, just checking in on you brother. Keep us up to date and wishing you a speedy recovery!

Thomas J Hey Howard, just wondering how the operation went? How are you feeling now?
kate kiernan Howard, thanks so much for the in depth review of my song "Somewhere" and thanks also for adding it to your Leprechaun Thread Radio station. You made my day. Good luck with your music. I hope you get a lot of attention from people in high places. And you are one helluva great reviewer too. Take care, Kate
brightmidnight thanks for the station add! i appreciate it :)
siknik Hey
thanks for the feedback on the forum..think you had us down to a T,
..glad you liked it...

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