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Jean-marie Carroll
London, United Kingdom
Born on February 9, 1956.
My own artist pages
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
Multi Genre Musician and Composer
World : Reggae
Acoustic : Acoustic Piano
Pop : Pop General
Rock : Punk
Original Punk/New Wave Reggae Band
Instrumentals : Film Music
Atmospheric Movie Music, Disco, Folk Punk, electronic.
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Best Move (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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Instrumentals - Gangsta
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3 festivals Part II   It was midnight when we hauled our gear up the hill to the End up, and found a place by the Piano... It started off a little slow with Rudy on Mandolin and me switching between Accordian and Mandolin.... within 15 minutes we had that bar Rocking, no Mikes no Lights just me and Rudy and a Guy whose name I don't even remember turned up to play the piano..... We played mostly old timey songs Leadbelly, Bill Monroe, Jo and Danny joined in on a rew old irish songs and at 1-30 i though man I'm stage in the morning we better knock it on the head. The Next Day I rocked up to the Green man Stage with ...
3 Very Different festivals   A MONTH O' THREE FESTIVALS..... PUNK....FOLKIE...And ARTY!

August has been a month of Festivals every weekends and three Very Different Festivals, being a 52 year old Punk Vet and Man of Many hats You wont find me booked onto any mainstream festival with... the Ting Tings and CCS and The Kaiser Cheifs because I am not a sexy Young Thing riding the Crest of a wave of Nu Rave or Suburban Ska rap or like the Verve Bog Standard Re-cycled Anthemic Rock PAP..... The Last Wave I rode the Crest of was New Wave.... Booking JC Carroll and or JC and and the Disciples is more specialised thing and that ...
my blog   https://blog.myspace.com/jccarrolldotcom
dad in the den
Voulez vous Dancee.... Rockin toon the spud!!!! LOVE IT!
Hi JC :) I was listening to 'Spoonful', nice version. Enjoyed that. How's things with you? I see you've been busy, and read the thread where you went over to the US. Sounds like you had a good time :) Dom.
Dave Musselman
thank you for listening and the compliment. I am sorry for the long delay in reply . I wish you well. Dont know exactly who you are but I remember reading you had a hit song ,I know you can sing. Your kind comment really meant something to me thanks.
Angelika and Demons
Dear JC! Happy New Year! Love, good health, happiness, success! Let all your dreams will come true! Kisses Angelika
Thanks for adding my song to your station much appreciated. I need all the help I can get. Rael
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