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Moe, Vic  Australia
Born on July 6, 1984.
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About Me
Hi, I am Lani. I am 23 and live in Australia. I have been thinking about trying to boost my self confidence and maybe try my hand at some actual singing and song writing. I haven't pieced anything together yet, but I plan to and when I do you will hear it on here first! I was born in Victoria, Australia and moved to Adelaide at the age of about 4 years old. I then moved back to Victoria at the age of 18 and I am trying to think of a way out of the hellish town I live in. I have wanted to get into singing and songwriting for a long time now and maybe finally I will have the guts to do something about it. I am always finding new ways of being artistic, because I just love the feeling of creating something myself. Just the same as cooking for people brings me joy. I love tattoos, designing them, looking at them he he I think they are one of the most expressive art forms on the planet. To get a tattoo is to commit, love, and show your triumphs over adversity. I am also trying out Photo Manipulation, I think I am getting OK with it. I am a friendly chick, though with a tendency to be cynical and/or critical, of myself and of others. I love things that are different, stand out, are unique and to me they are beautiful for that very reason. Music is no exception.
Hello Lani. Just a line to say hi, and to wish you a most joyful Christmas, and a very prosperous New Year. May 2008 be the year that blesses you with multitudes of successful creations. Bless you. Harry
Hey Lani:) Thanks for stopping by It so cool to have someone from Oz stop by...Not only that!! But you are from the same area that half our family is from How cool eh! We have rellies and friends all over your district, as far down as Bairnsdale and Paynesville. Our Mum and her bro went to school in Bairnsdale then he moved to Morwell.Was it you who pin marked our map for Traragon? We wondered who it was..:) Its a good site here let us know when you put some songs up. If you need any help we are happy to help if we can..We have been members here since 2002 and have made heaps of friends..:) Take Care Nadinne and Candice
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