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Barry Kettery
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World : World Fusion
jazz, fusion, blues & world music
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Liked Gregory Hall's song Workshop 4_21_12. Nov 1, 2013
Hey, fellow Soundclick mate! Keep spreading' JOY... with the sound of music. ;) Zak
Hi Barry, was listening to my station and thought of you. hope all is well! k
bill belcher
Hi Barry. Thank you very much for adding me to your very cool page. Is that little China? Thanks again. Peace. Bill.
Mr Grant
Hi Barry! How you been. Hope you're having a good week. I just put up 3 new songs on my page, so please when you get a chance, come take a listen. Would love your comments (if you have any) :) as well. Thanks! Arlen aka Mr Grant
Hi Barry, great to hear from you and to find that you are busy and enjoying your music - keep me posted on how things go. Talk 2 U again soon Rodz
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