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Karen Peace
Colorado Springs, CO  USA
Born on April 26, 1962.
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Classical : Symphonic
My Phantom Digital Orchestra lives in my computer and I am (on a good day) composer-in-residence, just a servant of the Muse...
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About Me
Also love to meet new people and people from other cultures, philosophical discussions, cooking for friends, painting, reading and doing crafts (card-making, flower arranging, beading... etc) legally disabled c/o immune disorder and more recently, a stroke. so, I do my composing when I feel up to it. I have a BA in English Literature and an MS in Computer Information Systems,. I worked for 14 years as a Software Engineer until I became too sick to work. I ended at MCI as a Sr. Database Engineer II (approx. the same level as a Senior Manager -- but I didn't want to be a manager -- liked the tech stuff).
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Liked Lena Selyanina's song Ballerina. Apr 6, 2013
*** For Serious Classical Music Lovers ***   Hi folks,

if you love classical music, I'd like to invite you to listen to my page. If you are a composer, I like to network with other composers -- send me email!

For conductors, if you are interested in a score, please email me. All pieces here are scored in Finale. Most are in "composer's draft" form (ie, not prettied up yet), but I am working on that. First priority goes to those pieces that have generated the most interest.

Best wishes to all!

Karen (KE Peace)
And ... where hast thou been?
Dear Karen, how's things over there? Three new songs are up - metal opera Mephist's Fandango, Michael Jackson tribute Tidal Wave and symphonic newage Freedom Unlimited. Kindly invited! :)
Karen How the heck are you girl.....haven't talked to you in a while....Hope things are doing well for you......Yes I'm still knocking around....can't get rid of me that easy.........any way needed to reach out and sau HELLO .... Cliff
Sibyll Sewarte
Thank you for beeing a fan, i really appreciate that! *hug* Gala
Dear Karen, Thanks for the lovely note (just noticed it recently) Three new songs, three entirely different moods, are up: Lacrimarum Resolutio, Eliza's Secret Dream and Armageddon! Drop by for an e-coffee and enjoy :) Cheers Matt
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