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Keith Mitchell
Kent, United Kingdom
Born on September 13, 1959.
I'm an amateur musician that makes music for enjoyment. I have a small home studio where i write, record, mix and master all my songs.
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Jazz : Jazz Fusion
A Melting Pot of Jazz,Fusion,Funk,New Age and World influenced music.
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Hi All   My first blog this year. Had a good 2014 but actually produced no new music at all last year. Have just uploaded three new songs which haven't been heard before, one dating back to 2005. 'Mysterious Being' though is brand new '2015'. As with 95% of all my songs it came out of an improvisation to a drum track. I write by just putting the horn into my mouth and blowing to see what cames out. Everything is usually 1st or 2nd take. I hope you all enjoy them. Planning on writing more music this year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

For now bye.

A Bit about Me   Hi,
This is my first ever blog. Thought I'll tell you a bit about me. I'm 55 and started playing the saxophone at the age of 13. I haven't played all that time continously. I've had plenty of very long periods of doing no music at all. Took an sound engineering course way back in '91 which led me to starting my own home studio. It's changed and expanded over the years where now I have a purpose built room housing my current set up which I'm finally very happy with. It for me is just a hobby, making music. I now play the keyboard (somewhat badly) as well as the sax. Hoping to start writing ...
Hi Keith. Thanks for those kind words on my latest. Much appreciated! Cheers Holger
Hi Keith. I have a new song up called "I had the chance". Cheers Holger
Bob Forbes
Thank you Keith - have a great week ahead :)
Thanks Keith, sometimes my imagination lights up after a little R&R.
Keith, glad you liked the silly PigDuck song :) Sometimes after you do something crazy-complex (like any of the Relative Rabbit songs) it's good to just go wild. And I hear you on the site changes - I find it easier to miss comments and overlook posts unintentionally.
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