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About Me
This profile is no longer active. I can't delete this account.. thats one reason its still here.. thank you Kala
APOLLO, God of Music   A god of youth, music, prophecy, archery and healing. Twin brother of the goddess Artemis (Diana), Apollo was the son of Zeus and the Titaness, Leto, daughter of the titans, CoeĆ¼s (Coeus) and Phoebe.

He was popularly known as Phoebus Apollo, and therefore known as the god of light and the sun. Apollo was depicted with a perfect male body: muscular but youthful. He had always appeared beardless on statues.

Apollo was the god of archery, and he carried a silver bow like his sister. Apollo often enjoyed hunting with his sister, and sometimes with his mother. He also possessed a golden sword. ...
Uploaded:   I decided to upload three of my oldies I had here, back in 2004, etc and etc. songs: Peaceful thoughts of light, Witches Ladder and Love Magick, And I think Im just gonna keep going and add the rest as time goes by. Im actually of thinking of getting a personal page at My Space..(not music page) but do a widget and place it there.. What you think? good idea or not?
The Day is finally here.   Guess, the promotional pics for Kala Sunshine has finally come to the end.. Its been a tough road, but in the end I am still Janie.. and that's all that matters.. I am Janie DaVila and within lies the Goddess, and as I stand before her I am Kala,
Now.. I stand before you as I should.. ME. and doing Music for YOU and the Ancient Ones !

Blessed Ye Be!
kalasunshine Merry meet is a greeting ( to meet in harmony, love and peace, etc)
Merry Part, is NOT..( a goodbye in like the a kick in the rear) it means Merry Part, in harmony, love and peace again. and Merry meet Again.. (hoping that the same happens when we come together again, ( like the next howdy doo..)

Education Awareness, is what this is all about.. If you don't know much about US.. then its time others learn, about OUR GREETINGS, and What WE believe in General.. WE HARM NONE, ( in most cases) which also means people's feeling.. I DO NOT HARM anyone and neither am I easily offended, because I realize, some people don't have the knowledge to read my Magickal Words.. ~ Thats okay, I understand and hoping YOU, THE READER, will understand also!
I posted this here, so others will read this too!
First and Foremost I am a musican.. but I am also a Proud Pagan!
With this said.. those who are not, and you are on this friends list,
Education is the KEY to better Understanding ~!
FUNGUS DACE Your BLOGY-PROMO is UP.....:) Just used ya PIC..Its says it ALL...:)

FUNGUS DACE http://strangefire.ning.com/profile/FUNGUSDACE

MAN!!! I KEEP DROPING THIS THING!!! Whould ya pick it up for me??..:)
PS: Have you checked out (StrangeWorld) Strangefires site?? I LOVE IT THERE!!!! Come looky...:) Need the link,let me know..:) "They been waiting on you"...:) Ill give you my "Strange-Link"..:)
Dreamlight Hello, Kala, thanks for the add. I still dig your music. :)
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