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juliette Taylor
Ponte Vedra Beach , Florida  USA
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In the Name of God ...   About Islam. Jesus said it best of such religion ... Mat 15:9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.

This "religion" is a theocracy and not a religion at all. Calling something a religion does not make it one. If all the world of islam would read and think clearly with free and open minds God gives to all people what was recorded of Muhammeds last time on the earth, the fatah ul bari, they would change their hearts and their minds and follow Jesus, the Ruler of all mankind, the Only Just Judge of all of mankind.

This was the religion He put forward ...
'Oh Holy Night" Gordy...wonderful rendition , thank you. LOVE the gatordeer! :) They look like they enjoyed getting decked out! Sorry to so many for not answering the mail lately, it has been a bit of a whirlwind life lately, new job, new house ... I am sure everyone knows that drill! Thank you all so much for caring. As the new year is coming close, I see more and more Americans drawing closer to one another and that makes me feel better about everything. Being a country which respects our constitution is very important to me and in honor of that I left my former political party to join the Constitution Party and I hope so many of you will look into it for yourselves and think about the meaning of our constitution and how it made us strong, and how losing it as we are right now is making us go down. We can and must rise up again as a great nation devoted to freedom!
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2008 will be gone soon, let's all plan the next one and use time better for our country. Never vote for anyone connected with Islam, because Islam hates freedom. Britain has now fallen to its knees before sharia law ( evil ) and it is past time for America to waken. Read the qur'an, the hadiths of Bukhari and the fatah ul bari and see it for what it is, a horrible false religion which has only a few truths to it.. which wants to destroy all freedom and rule with cruelty and evil. Do not let anyone else tell you what Islams book says. Read it for yourself with eyes already opened by freedom before it is too late for this country. God bless all our lives with renewed spirit and hope for a better future whatever we all do!
Kevin Schafer
Hi Juliette, My most sincere thanks for appreciating my music!.It means a lot! Be well. Kevin
Hi Juliette, Thanks for adding my song Promises to your station. Much appreciated. Best Wishes Jazzjet
Love one another.
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