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john williams
john williams 666
Rotterdam, EUR  Netherlands
Born on February 1, 1939.
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Country : Country and Western
I'm onlya solosinger with MD or CD music
Country : Country General
I'm only a lonely singer.
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Instrumentals - Gangsta
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Train Ride
Electronic - Games Soundtrack
Cut together soundtrack from my randomizing generative arts project "Train Ride". Play it it here: https://www.kongregate.com/games/rejoin/train-ride -/- http://www.aleatoric.de/TrainRide/ -/- https://what-paul-says-about-peter.tumblr.com/
Ingar Hi, my friend! I hope you will stop by my SC and listen to my new cover of "You A'int Going Nowhere"

Have a nice day :-)
Ingar Hi, my friend!
I have uploaded a new version of my song Vaaren. I have shanged both the lyrics an the melody. Hope you will drop by and listen to it.

Have a nice day!
Ingar Hi, my dear friend :)

I have uploaded another song. It's written by Dan Andersson in 1917, but I play it in a more modern way. Hope you will takt time to listen to it. It's called "Tiggaren Fraan Luossa"

Ingar Hi my friend!

I have posted a new song on my SC. It's called "Karl Norge". Hope you will dropp by and listen to this song.

Ingar Hi, my friend!

I have uploaded a couple og new songs om my SC, hope you will use a few minutes to visit my page and listen to them.

Have a nice week :)

Ingar, your Norwegian friend.
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