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Jill Struck-Hensel
Ames, IA  USA
Born on May 2, 1974.
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Rock : Folk Rock
I am a lyricist, Rock, Folk, Blues, Mix of anything, Collaborations with various musicians
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Updated her about me. Sep 9, 2014
Crude Awakening collab   Jill Struck Hensel-lyrics
Bruce Sokolovic-instruments
photo by: Diana Serden Stephens

Open your eyes and see the light, the consequences. Death rains down from darkened tide. Taken from us, the miracle of life. No respect for mother nature. This tainted sea, it's life blood can't survive. Rendered powerless to fight, contamination. Crude awakening we find, abomination. We count on politics and lies, money over life. The silent war we fight. A poison genocide. As mother nature cries. Open your eyes to see the light. Before it's too late. This darkened sea must change our life. Reassess our ...
NEW Wicked Smile   Jill Struck-Hensel; lyrics and vocals
Hassan Ansari: backing track
NEW Shadows collab   Jillucky: lyrics and vox
Grant Starr; all instruments

A haunting love story
Happy New Year to You and Yours! May Peace Joy and Prosperity Follow you Through Out! AuDioChosis and the Crew! . . . . ~ Cheers! .
I know it's just that............... I LOVE WOMAN
Ariadawna Willowsweet
HI JIll! Just got a friend request from you here at soundclick....I look forward to getting to know you as you are now in my network of friends at soundclick.......:) YOuve a stunning voice.........Now Im going to check out your songs.......Hey youve done songs with Pascal!!!! Me too......only I know him as PRocks......youve a lovely lovely voice and timbre......Much love and light to you , Faunaserene ~~~~~~~Im off to check out your songs......
Hi Jill, Stopin by to listen to your creative grooves, like what your doing it's not the same old same old. Rise Above the Tide, very good! Nice guitar sound and that cool expressive vocal thing. I have a bunch of new blues all over the click, go in almost any blues gene and listen. Got one in blues rock with my girlfeind Janet on vocals, Midnight Meltdown check it out . Your blues brother Johnny.
Zayan MuziQ
hey how are ya? you have a great voice
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