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Jeff Miller
jeffrey michael miller
Pittsburgh, PA  USA
Born on September 11, 1975.
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Pop : Adult Contemporary
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Instrumentals - Crunk
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About Me
I'm an aspiring lyricist and I love music. I'm also a Uechi / Shohei-ryu karate instructor and karate is my first and foremost passion in life ! Enjoy the video below of Jamirae of www.soundclick.com/jamirae ! Wonderful and talented singer and so I had to post it here because it's my favorite performance I've had the pleasure of seeing here!
Walk A Mile In My Shoes !   If you could walk a mile in my shoes
In the footprints left behind
I think you'd be amazed at all the love you'd come to find
The way I feel about you wouldn't be surprising news
If you could walk a mile in my shoes

If you could walk a mile in my shoes
In the tracks that I have laid
You'd come across some hard times and mistakes that I have made
You'd see you've been my sunshine and my shelter from the blues
If you could walk a mile in my shoes

If you could walk a mile in my shoes
In the footprints left today
You'd see me coming home to you so I can finally say

If you could walk a mile in ...
Father !!   Father you're the sunshine on a day that hasn't dawned
I hope to reunite with you in paradise beyond
Meet me at the gates because to you I'm gonna run
I thank the good Lord everyday that he made me your son

I thank the good Lord everyday that he made you my dad
And for the love I shared with you and all the times we've had
Meet me with those blue eyes on that unknown future date
And welcome me with open arms inside of Heavens Gate

Welcome me with open arms because I've missed you so
And off into eternity we'll journey off and go
Into a land of happiness where heartache isn't known
Into a ...
No More Cuts And Bruises !!   No more cuts and bruises now
The wounds are more severe
It's a kind of pain that's never silenced by a tear
It's not like in your childhood when you fall and skin your knee
Cause they don't make a band aid for a wound that you can't see

They don't make a band aid for a wound you have inside
When doctors came into the room and told us you had died
Without you I'm not sure how to keep on being me
Cause they don't make a band aid for a wound that you can't see

No more cuts and bruises now
Cause it's a brand new day
There's just a lasting ache that never fades or goes away
I know that you're ...
hi, I have not been over to say hi in a while. wanted to share a little story. while watching a young child 18 months. your song came on and her face just lit up. she stopped what she was doing and just listened to your song "forever in your arms" thats a special gift you have. I hope all is well and wish you a wonderful 2011. k
Hello Jeffery, Stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas :) May your dreams come true in the New Year :) Kurt
Howdy Jeff, Just dropped by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear. Hope you have a good one.
Hey Jeffery! Sorry it has been a while! Trying to wrap things up with this album. GOTTA FIND A WAY will be available in the fall. It will be on iTunes & sold at Amazon. EXCITED! Well I didn't want ya to think I forgot about ya! Hope all is well with you! Take care & MAKE IT A GREAT WEEK!
Misty Morning
good morning how have you been? sorry i haven't been on here much lately. been working 3 jobs 7 days a week to make ends meet. i got up early this morning to get ready for work and decided enough is enough. i'm calling in sick today and i don't care who reads this. lol xoxo
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