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lenny Warmington
redding, ca  USA
Born on May 1, 1952.
hi my name is Lenny I make music from loops and samples..
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Alternative : Experimental
Lenny Lee Warmington is my name imlen2 because my fathers name is leonard get it? = imlen2.
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the smoke is killing us
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a 3d mall   I have always been interested I building a online 3d mall with stores and kiosks on the midways. kind of like a role playing game a place where you can go into a shop or store and actually walk down the rows and stop to look at a product pick up the box and read the words on it. even have videos of it's use and unboxing so the shopper can really see what they are going to get the mall could charge rent to the shop owners and for advertising on the walls of the mall but the experience would be a lot like actually going to a mall other people and even virtual shopping carts that you push around ...
my inheritance   I just opened a box from my father in laws house he passed away about 2 years ago and we just now finished cleaning out the house. anyway one of the last boxes that was left over I guess nobody wanted it so I took it home when I opened it up it was like Christmas there was 80 maybe 100 kaliedascopes in it most are cheap Chinese cardboard but there is a brass one and they are just so neat I can't stand it I was tickled pink with it. how could anybody not want a hundred kaliedascopes I never in my life figured I would have any of them at all but now I got a million of them some are funky others ...
dad was right   way back when I was a little boy sitting on my daddy's knee no not fogerty. for real he said son if you do your school work and try real hard you might be even president some day and our current president proves it daddy was right except it seems any ignorant bovoso can get elected.
he just needs a ton of money.
Hello Lenny, Enjoying your bizarre musical creations and musings.
you're welcome. I also think your blogs are hilarious. You have a gift for writing and are very humorous. I kept smiling while reading! good job. I enjoyed my visit to your music page and profile page :D k
Hi Lenny, Thanks for your friendship! Good stuff on your page. All the best, Svante / Clubsville
Thanks so much for the station add. Much appreicated!!!!
Lesley Jane
Wow. High Praise indeed, Sir. Thank you. PS, love the photo of Buster. God Bless, Much Love, ~L
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