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lenny Warmington
redding, ca  USA
Born on May 1, 1952.
hi my name is Lenny I make music from loops and samples..
No actual musicians were injured in the process of making these tunes...
My own artist page
Alternative : Experimental
Lenny Lee Warmington is my name imlen2 because my fathers name is leonard get it? = imlen2.
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About Me
a link to a am radio I made way back when try it. "it works" oddindeed.com/radio
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another unusual day   the wife and I went out for a ride on our electric tricycles
"yes I built one for the wife"
anyway we made it to the mailboxes up by the highway and something shorted out in my stereo. and the music quit so I was trying to fix it when some snooty neighbor pulled up and asked do you need any help. I said no thanks we are alright and then she started going on about how I needed to pick up the trash I had placed on the ground while I was working on the trike. and it came to me she was giving me a bums rush I think she did not recognize us as her neighbors I think she thought we were homeless ...
tariff's   donald trump is tariff fying everybody. the world is tariff ied by him
cops shooting cops   the guy on tv news tonight said something about a mass shooting at a country western club and one of the officers was killed. turns out he was shot by friendly fire. just go's to show you got to watch out for those guy's seems they just start blasting away at anything that moves they blasted that dude in the mall the other day but that guy did have a gun or so they said. it's a wonder they don't issue them mac 10s so they can blast up a whole room full of people in a hurry.
it really is shoot first ask questions later I always thought that statement was bizarre and nobody in their right mind ...
Hello Lenny, Enjoying your bizarre musical creations and musings.
you're welcome. I also think your blogs are hilarious. You have a gift for writing and are very humorous. I kept smiling while reading! good job. I enjoyed my visit to your music page and profile page :D k
Hi Lenny, Thanks for your friendship! Good stuff on your page. All the best, Svante / Clubsville
Thanks so much for the station add. Much appreicated!!!!
Lesley Jane
Wow. High Praise indeed, Sir. Thank you. PS, love the photo of Buster. God Bless, Much Love, ~L
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