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Born on May 12, 1966.
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Instrumentals : Rock
Pop : Pop Rock
Soulful singer-songwriter lyrics combined with haunting orchestral arrangements and classic rock guitar to create a unique hybrid.
Blues : Blues General
Blues - General
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Really love your sound and such a great song..thanks!
Ian............ Hugsssssssssss my friend! I know long time no hear uh? Hope life is treating you kind my friend. Sure' do miss you... How is life in Aussie land? I'm on yahoo.... Ms_Randee or Singsnap: MsRandee Just been hanging here and there.... great to hear ya music again!! Sure have missed it... I'm still hanging in there if you get my'drift.. Huggies to you... Ian.. Just wanted to stop in and say hi... Ran
Ian, It is my great pleasure to be the first to post a greeting on your SU message board! I am honored to be on Global Jam along with you, and I'm glad to know you! Get in touch when you get over this way - you know where to find me :) jeanie
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