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History In The Making
Riverside, CA  USA
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City Mist
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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Pimp (57BPM) (Rittz x Big KRIT Type beat)
Instrumentals - West Coast
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About Me
Well what's going on ladies and gentlemen, this is your boy History or Peryon whatever tickles your fancy, Im just now getting into this soundclick thing and it looks like it has a promising future for me. Im the type of individual that if yo shit is ill I'll respect and show you love if yo shit is wack dont expect me to be nice and say keep doing ya' thing, my life is all about if you realy want it bad enough you'll get it done, or else you never really wanted it. I grew up poor and really had to depend on my talents and intelligence to make my life worth something, God has blessed me w/ a lot of talent in many different areas and i pray I make the most of them. Wen I see myself looking good in a certain area I'm going to try to blow up the spot, make the best of it. When it comes down to the music there is alot of misused talent out there and money being invested int othe wrong categories, that whole lean wit ot rock wit it style is garbage, like the Immortal (Technique) once said if you go plantinum, its got nutin to do w/ luck it just mean that a million people are stupid as fuck. All I care for un this life is success, if you aint part of it stay out of it, im open to work w anyone w the same goal, i wont disclose who i have as contacts but scouting is something i do as well...dont follow your dream, hutn it down...Stay up, have a good one....
A yo wasup playboy thanz for the add men check out some of my music an tell me what you think ~1~
watz gud with u ...do u gotta myspace?...if u do watz ya email address soo i can add u
thanx 4 the add, be easy.1
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