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Jade Kendle
Cibolo, TX  USA
Born on January 17, 1991.
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Instrumentals - New School
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About Me
Hello everyone. My name is Jade. JUST HIT 18 ON 1/17/09.I'm mixed w/ black & white. Divorced parents. Just got on here to let you guys know that I ONLY HAVE MYSPACE. I saw a fake on here so I thought why not set the record straight, but if you would like my "REAL" myspace page let me know. I might not add you but hey atleast you won't be getting fooled by anyone but yeah. Only one picture cause i'm on this website until i get people's attention. Thankss
HELLO WORLD;   Hello Soundclickers; lol.
Ughm well if you don't know who i am by now my name is Jade Kendle && Im supposible a celeb? wtf? haha. anyways ughm just to clear that subject up i hate the attention and im still trying to figure out till this day why me? like why not anyone else, oh and by the way i only have a myspace page and this one temp. because i saw a fake of me on here so whatever site has a fake from now on i will try my best to get em off; or atleast set peoples mind straight cause i hate people being fooled by these wannabe's and i wouldn't want to be put in that type of position but on ...
Hi Jade, Thanks for the friendship:) Have a nice weekend! All the best. Keep in touch Lovetrance
Well hello and thank you for accepting my request and hopefully you liked what you heard and speaking of which what did you think of my music
Will you please take some time out and listen to me and tell me what you think please
You said guess your age. I'm gussing 18 i hope. because you are a kodak moment. You are fine really.
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