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Ray Garcia
Crestline, CA  USA
Born on November 3, 1947.
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OLD!! and getting OLDER!! But my Mind Still Think's it's 20 go Figure??
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Posted on Michael Duran's message board. Aug 5
Liked Summer Rose's song Can't Say No. May 11
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Ground Control to Major Tom   Hey anyone out there? If we don't do somthing to cange the way we think about our selfs,Man kind will be lost!! Stop the "Greed" Stop the "Violance" Stop the "Madness"We are all Human Bings it's time to make that jump into the 21st century and stop thinking in the 19th century. 2010 Somthing amazing will happen!!
You're very welcome! great to hear from ya' Ray have a great Sunday, and stay safe! MD
Michael Duran
Hope you're doing ok bro, been missing you, you know the number ;)
Michael Duran
[last edited on Sat Sep 6, 2014 @ 01:24 AM]
Hi Ray :) hope you're well, I just noticed that all of my main page posts have disappeared from all the pages on Soundclick.. the song comments are still there, it's just the message board posts.. oh well.. gives me a chance to visit everyone and start over ;) drop by for a listen when you get a chance. Take care my friend Michael
Hi Ray - Very cool rendition of "I Do" - dig it! Cheers, Mike B
I've been off SC for awhile and just noticed you've added 'When It Comes Down To It' to you playlist. Thank you. I've just added some new tunes you should check out. Thanks again for your support. Russ
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