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Gordy Scoville
Born on June 21, 1950.
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Acoustic : Acoustic General
Performed: Canada, England, India, USA, Nepal..as solo artist (sometimes in a duet or trio),touring the 5 Star hotel circuit in Asia. styles: folk/adult contemporary/some blues/some country..general easy-listening.
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Phil Peacock
Hi Gordy, just found your reply from April. I was a bit concerned! They don't seem to alert you when you've had a message on here. Sorry you've not been doing much musically, but good to hear you intend to get back into it. If you're interested, I've finally uploaded some videos taken from a couple of Concerts I did to YouTube and they can be found under "Virtual Biscuit Live"
Phil Peacock
Hi Gordy, sent you a message on here and an email, but not heard back. Hope all is well?
Quadruple bypass!? Holy smokes Gordy, that's some major work and some really scary stuff! Really glad you pulled thru that one. Ought to give you a lot of good years now. Amazing the work they do these days. Hope you are moving to a place where you will feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. I assume you'll be stayin' in Canada someplace eh? I love Canada. Spent a few summers up there as a kid and at 22, drove from Toronto to BC. Really liked eastern Manitoba.. the prairies were unique, and Lake Louise/Banff was just plain awesome. Hope to hear some new music from ya soon. Take care and go easy for a spell.
hey Gordy...happy belated new year! What's happened to ya? Not around much anymore it seems. Time for you to write a new one and send me a link! Hope you are well...Life is a tuff place and gettin' older ain't fer wimps, as I am learning on a daily basis!
Gabe Stenziano
gordy! holy %$&#, haven't heard from you in a while. thanks for checking out the song but you've missed my 65th by 3 months. no sweat, appreciate it just the same.
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