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Jenna Vescio
Corowa, NSW  Australia
Born on January 3, 2005.
My own artist page
Pop : Pop Rock
Great Singers, composers, and Songwriters, who work together in Collaboration, and work as a team in Independant Artistry.
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About Me
Creative Director, Self Publisher and label, songwriter, Producer, collaborating with other songwriters, composers, vocalists from all around the world. We like to work as a team to put a great CD out. Independent Artists are very important to our global collaboration all around the world. We are also looking for Work For Hire Musicians for our Internet Music Club to assist in collaboration with Songwriters Music Tracks, and backup vocals. Instruments, drums, violin, keyboard, sax, piano to work via the Internet with Producers.
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Join our Music and writing Club.   After working with the Music Industry in the USA for seven years, where we still have an Agents office, we are now in Australia spreading our vision with many new comers. We are a Collaborating group of Independent Artists from all around the world. We have all been together since 2000. Currently working with Producers, Songwriters, composers, singers, Authors.

We all work together as a team to achieve more and to put good product out there in CD/dvds books, screenplays.

Our Creative Director Jennarosa, performed many tasks in the USA and joined Claude Davis on www.hay98.com radio station,...
Shyrita Washington
Thanx for the feedback on my last album and the love. My new album "Summer Rain" has been released!! Listen to a sample on my artist page. Download at www.shyritawashington.com If you enjoy my new song "Reborn", please vote for it. Thanx for your support in advance.
Hi Jenna,I want to thank you for having me as a friend.Its nice to meet you.I hope you find a song or two you like.Drop by and give a listen if you get a chance.I'll give a listen to your songs and collaborations a.s.a.p. But I wanted to thank you for the friendship first.Keep in touch. //////////////////////////////P E A C E\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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