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Cameron Gerhold
Seattle, WA  USA
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Classical : Classical General
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About Me
I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. After being enrolled in my first semester of band at 13 I took an interest at music composition. As a musician my first real instrument was the oboe. After a year of that I switched to bassoon and it has been my main instrument ever since. After high school I enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. There I had some of my music performed by pianist Megumi Kurachi and the universities brass band ensemble. Eventually the opportunity arrived to have the fourth movement of my first symphony performed by the Honolulu Symphony. After the first academic year in Hawaii I moved to Seattle and where I completed my Associates of Arts. Currently I attend the University of Washington. I have heard others comment on my music and tell me it is very unique. After listening to what is out there I have not come across any who resemble the style. At a glance it is definitely not as old as Mozart or as modern as John Adams. Somewhere in between perhaps? I look to the old masters because I believe they wrote the most influential music. And so I look for a way to bridge that era to our present. That is why I believe modern day composers like John Williams and Hans Zimmer are successful.
renata baszun
Hello, Thanks for your friendship. I am glad I can be the first person in your Soundclick friend circle and I can be first to post a message on your page. You say you study "on your own", does it mean you dropped the university at all? The very good method of studying composition is to listen and analize works of the Masters, so I think you're on the right way. I like to do the same, although I find more contemporary (than classical) Masters, eg. Schostakovitch, Prokofiev or John Williams sometimes even more instructive (in some cases of course). I wish you lots of good music pieces! Take care... Renata
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