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Alexander Jenkins
Okeechobee, FL  USA
Born on June 3, 1976.
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Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Alex Jenkins from Okeechobee, Florida with eighty seven unreleased albums ready for placement. Composer, musician, producer.
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About Me
Alex Jenkins (Gasserpe) Home: Okeechobee, Florida USA Florida Composer Alex Jenkins, aka Gasserpe, has created an exceptional library, perfect for several genres. His long soundbeds can be spooky, spacey and edgy for time travel, Sci Fi futuristic films, or psychedelic madness, epic trailer or film score music. Other music focuses on the aftermath of disasters like Darfur, Haiti, tsunamis or the evil of mankind. Alex's Middle Eastern tracks, filled with unusual SFX and music elements and the Korg drum, are tribal yet tender. His emotional music builds with cinematic tension, expressing world sorrow that rips your heart out! Lt. DJ Steidl: Technical Adviser for Alex Jenkins (Gasserpe). Alex is proficient on bass guitar, snyth, keyboards, DAW, and percussion. Influences include Black Sabbath, YES, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Dead Can Dance, and 60’s music (vinyl), ambient and trance, and much Persian electronic music. Alex loves fishing, motorcycles and old cars, and enjoys life with his two very cool cats, Mr. Chips and Kitty Mamma. Recently Alex has released two singles on I Music Underground Records, with Renee Hewitt as his publisher, for "Variable Factors & "Jiba," two lounge/chill out songs -- both gaining much attention on Reverbnation, and one press release in Fort Myers, Florida (Florida Weekly). Most recently Alex has incorporated the use of the Korg Wave Drum, adding a cool vibe to his new music. To date Aex has almost eight hundred original song compositions
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