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Van Kapeghian
Medford Lakes, NJ  USA
Born on March 17, 1971.
My own artist page
Alternative : Experimental
porn music for the insane
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About Me
I’m a software developer by day and by night pretty much. I make weird music. I’ve scored a handful of indie films. I used to have long hair and wear silly pants when I was on stage rocking with a tenacity unforeseen by mankind. I have two incredible kids and a wife that I love with all my heart. I ride my bike, run, and work a lot. I sleep little. I run blogitron, which is a blogging ring based upon blogger characteristics (age, topics, location, language, etc.) I hope it grows up and makes m
jackschitt Dude............!
Swampman Hey Cuz hows things going dropping by for a visit and a howdy hope all is well your way. PS Have a great Labor Day weekend and remember the early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese . My position on the Gulf of Mexico is
29.00.607 North 89.51.482 West :)
Andrea Gerak last edited on Sat Mar 17, 2007 @ 12:03 PM Hello Van,

Thanks for connecting up, I enjoy your creative music.
And you seem to have birthday, so have a great one!!

Swampman Howdy Cuz stopping by to wish you a great saturday :)
charlymarley Im vvvv happy to hear that youre back with wife & kids again. I hope all will good to you & the music will still cool & keeo rockin no matter what... :)

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