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Born on December 5, 1969.
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About Me
I am a poet ... and an AVID music collector.
ESCAPE (a poem)  

I want to escape
this melancholy place
find a way to laugh
to chuckle ... to smile
but it isn't in me

I woke up this morning
sad and tired
there were tears
pouring from my soul
a torrential downpour
of emotion and pain
and I feel disconnected
from all things

disconnected from
life and happiness and peace
I feel alone and I am lonely
tired of holding myself
and crying for things
my conscious mind
won't allow my subconscious
to reveal to me

so I sleep and I wake
existing in a state of mild panic
because I can't feel anything
but pain ... permeating my soul
sliding through my veins
leading ...

with your harsh criticisms
of my appearance and intelligence
you broke me

you stripped me of my wings
before I even realized I should be
flying high

no pride in anything
because you told me I was nothing
and I believed you

still do sometimes

somedays I look in the mirror
and I see the real me ... the truth
other days I look
and all I see is the fat ugly girl
you told me I'd always be

never would I be good enough
for you or anyone else
or so you led me to believe

even as you bolstered my sister
to believe she was surely
the next top model
and ruined my brother
by giving him no ...
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