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Robert Wessel
far sleep
Born on November 7, 1963.
My own artist pages
Rock : Progressive Rock
Prog rock with a classic, melodic sound reminiscent of Yes, Genesis, Kansas, Rush. A duo consisting of Jim Kube on drums and percussion and Rob Wessel on guitars, vocals, bass, and MIDI sequencing.
Electronic : Techno
Techno/industrial with synths and heavy guitars
Blues : Electric Blues
Acoustic rock, blues.
Electronic : Ambient
Ambient electronic music for guitars and synthesizers.
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About Me
Styles: Progressive rock, ambient guitar, electronic. Studio tools used: Hamer, Peavey and Carvin guitars, Fender, Genz Benz, Yamaha, and Mitchell amps, as well as Hafler, Yamaha, Rockman and Mesa Boogie rack preamps and a Marshall rack power amp. Marshall, Mesa and Peavey guitar speaker cabinets. Hamer, Rickenbacker and Peavey basses. Gallien Krueger, Sansamp and Hartke bass gear. Ensoniq, Yamaha and Oberheim hardware synths. IK, refx, Native Instruments, G Force, Waldorf, Arturia, Korg, and other VST synths.
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Liked Joe Davies's song It's Weird Being Rich. Apr 10, 2013
Liked Heaven and Earth's song Heaven & Earth. Sep 13, 2012
Liked Alaric's song We Two.mp3. Feb 25, 2012
Liked CUEROCK's song Kaleidoscope. Feb 27, 2012
From the Heart   A new mix of our progressive rock tune "From the Heart" is in the works. I re-recorded the bass part over the holidays 2012 because I had gotten a fretless bass with the fretless tones I was after. A few things need to be finished on the mix. Hopefully we'll be able to put a finished mix up this spring.
Spring break!   I finally finished the blues tune "Grace n Peace Blues" that I started in August 2012. I had all the parts done except guitar. The changes in the song are challenging, and it was hard getting any time to rehearse the part, but I practiced it as much as possible, then had a recording session in early April 2013 and recorded the guitar. I recorded it with a guitar I got in February 2013, so I didn't even own it in August. I think it was worth waiting because the tone is gorgeous. Listen to "Grace n Peace Blues" on my RWsBluez page.
Waning days of summer   I take classes during the school year. So summer is when I get most done musically. In June, I finished up mixing a prog rock tune I wrote years ago called "As in Art". There is an old pre-production version of it on Eden Concept's soundcloud page. The new version is up on our soundclick page. The rest of the summer was taken up mixing a longer prog rock piece, "House With Two Books". It's up on our soundclick page. I had hoped to record a few ambient pieces, and perhaps some blues, but it's looking like I'll have to squeeze that in between doing homework this fall. I do have drums, bass and ...
far sleep
David, I'm a fan of the Flower Kings. I've got a few of their CD's and have had the pleasure of watching them play live. They're a great band with incredible musicianship, keeping the sound of classic prog rock alive.
Charlotte's Grove
Winter Lullaby is absolutely gorgeous. Pure melancholy at it's best. Thank you for accepting my friend request. Peace. :)
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Thanks for the Fan add, and the kind comments. -- Madrayken
Hi Robert, thanks for checking out my music and for adding me to your list of friends - much appreciated. I enjoyed listening to some of your tracks today and I will be back later in the week to check out some more. Keep in touch, best wishes Rodz
Hi, it's Michele Lombardo from Milan, Italy. I'm a 33 years old filmaker. After several years (maybe an entire life!) dreaming of directing a movie, in 2009 I decided to produce and direct my first long feature. In feb and march 2010 I shooted the movie. It's a drama, and the story tells about solitude. I registered in Soundclick looking for some good music for the soundtrack. When I listen "Beauty and the Rain" I understood that was THE music I was looking for!... I'm a musician too and I had very precise ideas about what kind of music and atmosphere. Your piece is PERFECT!! I need to talk you, please can you contact me? michelelombardo@m1media.it Thanks and CONGRATULAIONS!!! Michele
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