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Damien Oakes-Francis
Manchester, Lancs  United Kingdom
Born on November 18, 1967.
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Electronic : Dance
D'Sential, ex-DJ now producer Damien Oakes-Francis.
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About Me
D 'Sential is the brainchild of ex mix DJ Damien Oakes-Francis who toured the UK with his own brand of mixing, now off the decks and with many years experience in producing adrenalin filled commercial dance music with some outstanding statistics and success. Featured No.1 in various internet dance charts, Artist of the Month, Producer of "World Artists Dance Megamix Vol.2, Artist of the Week, the music is frequently featured on various Internet Radio Stations around the world. # 2005 saw the introduction of collaborations, with New York's finest diva, vocalist, producer Raquela and UK vocalist Paul Heaton, with also a few remixes for other producers (Beta 17, Spyda, Fernando Deluna) to name a few. # With well over 20,000 and growing free downloads to date, the catchy and fierce dance floor style D'Sential produces energises the clubs around Europe, the U.S., Australia & Canada nightclubs with DJ's frequently playing various tracks with an outstanding response from the audience and an extensive on-line fan base of sophisticated dance music lovers., DJ's and Internet Radio Stations. # D'Sential has gained worldwide representation and management from Liberty City Music and is also an affiliate of the Guild Of International Songwriters & Composers # D'Sential is now at the forefront of quality dance music production
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