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Robert Lauer
distant words
Born on May 4, 1977.
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moptzar Yo Robert! Hello from South Jersey. I gotta tell this website seems set up a little screwy. So after I'm done with this message I'll check out Your music. All Our Best, Moptzar.
Bullet Hole Moon Thanks for the add!
beatenpath2008 Stopping by to say hi and to let you know that we have some new songs when you get some time stop by and check them out and let us know what you think.....
riffingers Hey Robert!

Just stopped by to let you know I'm still kicking around and lo and behold I see my photo used for your acoustic station LOL...Kind of a surprise but cool nonetheless! Take care and keep rocking :)
studio 17 Hey Robert....tryin ta get back to normality after my Canada
trip ..just posted three new songs..called.."Take My Hand".
"Remember"..and.."Dreamin"..if ya wanto check "em out there on my music page..enjoy, and I know it's early but have a great weekend..and take care cuz.....

Mike k
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