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1, 2  Australia
Born on January 2, 1978.
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Alternative : Indie
Bang! Po! Smash! ooooo! aushhhmo! Bedoowza! Gremolata! Last Year! kiss kiss! shhhhhh! mmmmm bop! antiquator! gooooch! radatta! AAAAAAAAAHhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOO nonobobobobo! eggs benedict!
Alternative : Experimental
Peliprecocious and philanthropotomous, i like cheese and walks through alley ways and sliding down mud hills. without a doubt we are all Descendants of the Firstborn Cell
Alternative : Experimental
I despise tiny elephants that get stuck in my shoes and between my teeth, do you want to go out with me? what about money hey, how funny is money? it even rhymes with funny. are those space eyes your wearing?
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About Me
Hi Our full catalogue can now be listened to and downloaded at www.music.cuchulaincoker.info Just like human things. All the music is still potentially free (pay what you like - $0 or more, your choice) please enjoy the livin' welcome back. wow so i guess it's just you and i now? so... do you like different things? me too. cool
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