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Los Angeles/Kansas City, CA,MO  USA
Born on September 13, 1990.
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About Me
Demitri Vokals grew up in the mid-west and began writing music at the age of 16. Initially he went the R&B route, but at the age of 16, rap had captured his focus. After three years of writing club songs, he moved to Los Angeles where he is now seeing quite a bit of interest in his music. Demitri Vokals is proud to announce the release of his debut CD "The Headbob Don". On this CD, single "Do The Headbob (ft. Nico)" leads the way. It is a fun dance song with plenty of fun lyrics and of course, as the song goes, the headbobing follows. The song is infectious with catchy verse's. You just can't get this song out of your head. Your body just naturally pops and moves with smooth, cool swagga. It has a great beat and is an overall cool single. This song definetely brings out the club dancing itch in you. It's original, it's cool, it's full of hot rhymes, it's Demitri Vokals!
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