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Country : Christian Country
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About Me
Getting to know…Dee Dee Downs Dee Dee Downs is a solo artist with a voice that reminds one of Helen Reddy. Her music is a blend of Traditional Country and Gospel music. With songs that will make you weep or get up and dance, Dee Dee Downs's music will surely touch your heart and soul. In the summer of 2007, she released her first full length CD Riding On A Wing And A Prayer that is a mix of original Country and Gospel songs; produced by Miranda Leake of Ameri-Star Records In 2010, Dee Dee teamed up with her now manager and songwriter, Mr. Peter Fray. With his writing talent and the musical talents of Californian Mr. John Davis, Dee Dee now has now released a brand new CD : My Way Or Take The Highway, this being a traditional Country CD with original songs written by Pete Fray with music composed by John Davis. Many of these songs proved to be very popular at her latest performance at The Centre Stage, Nashville, Tennessee. Dee Dee is proud to have her new CD published by OPus-Music.”
New CD, * My Way Or Take The Highway *   Dee Dee US
Hi friends
Just finishing up on my new Country CD! * My Way Or Take The Highway* Featuring 15 original songs, written by my friend and manager Mr. Peter Fray. Musical arrangement and backup vocals by Mr. John Davis. This is going to be a must hear album!
Visit my official website:
The only site where you will be able to hear and buy single downloads and the full cd.
See ya there and leave me a comment please, so I will know you have visited me!
God bless
My new Cd Is available   My new Cd, "Riding On A Wing And A Prayer " has just been released. Visit my site and listen to my new songs, please. Tell all your friends about it.
Best Wishes
Dee Dee

Song wins first place in TCMF comp.   First Place Winners
Pro. Country Gospel 1st place...... Saved By Grace .........442
Pro. Bluegrass 1st place................. Bluemoon Highway......354

Amateur. Country Gospel 1st place........Lord Help Me Hold On....388

Pro. Country 1st place.........Why Do People Go To War............479

Amateur Country 1st place........One By One...... 372

Pro. Trad. Country 1st place.... The Hand That Rocked The Cradle... 411

Ama. Trad. Country 1st place....Whiskey On My Breath.....449

Moms song is Lord Help Me Hold On To You. Way to go mom!
Great songs Dee!.I really like "Amazing Grace", a lot!..You did excellant, hun!.Love ya, Gil
Thanks for the friend add. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my new single "New Love". Hope you enjoyed it
hey dee dee so glad you like my pics there was a knock on my door and there stood maria one of soundclicks best with her daughter beth and their friend brenda was a very special day for me really made my day that maria took time to call on me i still cant believe my luck getting those hugs from maria , so when are you gonna knock on my door dee dee i just love a hug and i bet smokey mountain hugs are just great :):) hope life is good on the mountain have a very happy easter sending loads a love n hugs your boys nigel and ryan xxxxxxxxx
Hayley Oliver
Hi DeeDee, so lovely to see your message to my page, thanks for the visit! :) i really haven't been around on soundclick very much recently either. i just sent you an email about facebook. listening to your version of "you light up my life" beautiful! have a lovely day Love Hayley
hi dee dee , thanks for dropping by and leaving our warm hugs sounds like you are doing great hope the smokey mountain music show is a big hit with folks , so when is the smokey mountain tour bus heading this side of the pond :):),its ok de dee we understand you are busy it aint a problem for us just you remember wherever you are what ever you do there will always be two boys who love you and think of you 24/7 so you take care travel safe we love yah dee dee your boys nigel and ryan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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