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Born on December 21, 1972.
My own artist page
Electronic : Trance
From Dance to Lounge But mostly Progressive Trance
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About Me
I'm a musician who produces all styles of music But i focus most on dance music Progressive NRG Trance is what i like to create most But i also make lounge and hiphop every now and then
Latest songs   youtube.com/user/xxxPassiexxx

Thats where you can find my latest uploads
Since i update youtube most last years

More than 100 songs uploaded there atm , EnJoY
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Evolutionairy EP   Passie & Friends
Full Versions Available Now

Passie - "Evolutionary" 07:35
Passie - "Paradize Planet" 08:41
Passie & Meesterwerk - "Revoluzion" 07:20
Passie & Vinnie - "Solunar" 07:15
Passie - "Trance Drafter" 05:46

Go here to get it:
what up hope all good
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Thanks for the interest I'm always open to colab with singers performers My singing Rapish songs are just experimental for me With some lessons i could learn to sing in a proper way But i rather produce music because I'm too shy to preform If i can hide behind my synths with some dancers in front, its ok But i don't dare to stand in the full spotlight hihi See your messages for contact and we'll give it a try I got loads of instrumentals so enough music here :wink: @ other friends Sorry if i react a lil late btw I have been active at myspace a lil more than here lately Myspace/PassiePassion
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Ok finaly figured out how to get my music here on my profile (^_^) My music is here : http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=741875 Or just open the player bellow to hear all 23 trax There are 2 players 1 for Dancefloor music 1 For experimental and other styles of music My Other Page is here with 6 new Dance Products http://www.myspace.com/passiepassion EnJoY
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