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David Schmelzer
Evansville, WI  USA
Born on January 21, 1946.
My own artist page
Acoustic : Acoustic General
One Person Computer Band here. Real Musician long ago - but still play Guitar and Keyboards - Mainly for Fun and Narcissistic Self Gratification of my "Muse". Isn't Life Wonderful!? Also Enjoy Writing, Composing, Meeting other Folks - Same reason - ;)
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About Me
Thanks for Visiting my Page on SoundClick! Personally, I'm a Child of the Mid -'40's - who "Came of Age" in the 1960's and '70's. Music has always been my passion. Having come from a musical family, I have always enjoyed playing and composing it. My 'teens and early 20's saw some wild times in various local rock bands of the era - blessed memories all. But then "life" intervened, and reality brought me reluctantly back to Earth. Favorite instruments - (ones that I can still play) - are primarily Guitar and Keyboard. My interests are spread across a wide variety of musical genres. They also include writing and recording Poetry, Short Stories, Etc. - and setting them to music. These are similar to the works of two of my all time favorites. Those are - Rod McKuen, and Geoffrey Lewis of "Celestial Navigations" Fame. Inspiration comes, not only from the people in my life, but my own highly varied life experiences as well. Subsequent works are then composed and produced in a tiny, but comfortable home studio, using Sonar 8 and ACID Pro 7- along with my guitar and keyboard. They are done simply for the enjoyment of it. I also enjoy collaborating with, and promoting other artist's works - as time allows. If you are so inclined, please feel free to drop me a note or leave a message. Hearing from other folks is one of life's greatest pleasures! David
New Australian Collaboration   Hi Everyone!

Just a note to say that I just finished a Collaboration Tune with my Good Friend - Terry Fry - from Brisbane - "Down Under". Is called "Morning Mists".

His original Track was along the lines of a Newage melody, but after listening to it and adding the Spanish Guitar and a "smattering" of vocals - it turned out to be something quite different! Have a listen and see what you think! ---- Thanks Again for Visiting!

A Number of New Songs-----   I recently uploaded a number of new songs for anyone who is interested. They are primarily New Age Acoustic in nature - written for piano and Guitar. Just a reminder that most of my material is available for FREE download if you wish.

Many thanks to my friend Ken Verheecke, who after listening to his EXCELLENT Guitar pieces, and the inner peace that resulted - showed me where my efforts should be concentrated. ---- Instead of trying to get too complicated with my compositions - like I have been doing lately. --- Peace and Love ----David
Ken Verheecke - Acoustic Guitar Inspiration and Perfection   I have to tell you -there is simply a LOT of talent here on S.C. But every once in awhile, you run across an Artist that touches your senses for one reason or another.

One of these that I personally ran across recently - seemingly out of the Blue - is Ken Verheecke
Ken's Music, and his ability to play this Instrument is truely inspiring - to say the least! It peirces into your Heart instantly, then lightens up your soul and mind with a refreshing Peaceful and Comforting Happiness that is lacking in so much of today's music.

Colors seem brighter, and life's daily troubles seem to melt - ...
Hi David, just stopping in to hi , and thank you. nice to meet you and your music. 'morning mist' is very nice. well done track. Thank you!
Ken Verheecke
Greetings Brother... just wanted to say THANK YOU for you support. I hope you enjoy "Autumn Reflections" as much as my other releases. Grace & Peace to you... Ken
Ken Verheecke
Just stopping by for a quick "howdy!" Hope all is well with you brother :-)
robin clark guthrie
Hello David, I am honored that you have added my music to your station. Thank you for sharing my music. Creator's Blessings! Robin
Mogus Rougus
Hi David, I havn't logged on for a week or so, you have been busy! Thanks for putting one of my songs on your radio station, I really appreciate it. Regards, Mogus.
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