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david claridge
United Kingdom
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Acoustic : Acoustic General
Rock : Folk Rock
Folk-Rock from five corners of England
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About Me
Midlife crisis here we come!!! Owning the legendary Shabbey Road Studios- as used by absolutely nobody famous or interesting, I have put my limited time and talents to producing self-penned, plucked and produced songs of the instantly forgettable variety. Sitting comfortably in the 'Never Was' category may be better than being a 'Has Been'. Slowly embracing the digital age, recording wise. Play 6 + 12 string acoustics (Takamine), Dobro, Ovation Ukelele, bass, Fender Kahler Strat, bongos, and swanny whistle! Use Reaper, Audition, with Addictive Drums, Purity, Izotope Ozone and various VST's.... Best piece of kit is a good microphone with a surround shield to kick out those unwanted room reverbs- and kids screams! I'm not looking for the Led Zep Headley Grange sound- and I only live 5 miles from the place!! As far as I'm concerned, Stairways lead to... upstairs! What's my long term goal? Global domination! Will I acheive it? Nope! Do I have a fall-back plan? I don't have a fall-forward plan, let alone a fall-back plan! What's my short term ambition? To use more ! and ? on my page than anybody else!!!!
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