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Dan Pharoah
Guelph, ON  Canada
Born on May 11, 1973.
My own artist page
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
Songwriter, Recording Artist and Performing Artist. I love performing on stage as well as recording. I do all of my recording from home. If the right people come along I'd love to form a band.
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Liked IronKnee's song All By Myself. Sep 23, 2012
Flying to new heights!   Well Music lovers! I just uploaded my new version of Fly featuring Joey Six on lead guitar. This is a sneak release of one of the tracks from my upcoming Album titled Lucky Dad. It is going to be an Acoustic/Folk album for the easy listeners out there. There will be another album as well titled Drunk Puppy that is for the Rockers! Keep your eyes peeled for some new tunes in the next few weeks!
World Of Lies   I have just uploaded my new song titled World Of Lies. (Click on 'dankind' to see music page) It features Josh Miller from Kentucky USA on lead guitar.
It's a shame that poletitions and the corporate world get away with double speak and lies all the time. It's about time we hold them accountable!
Here we go again!   I've just hooked up my recording equipment again! Ableton Live 8. Sweet! My first song will be done soon. It's called World of Lies. It's heavy rock. I can't wait to post on soundclick again!
Thomas C Roth Hello Dan
Thanks for dropping by, I listened to your song (Trying to Understand ) It is good that you are writing songs that come from deep down inside, for this is sharing what we learn in life. keep in touch, Tom
clubsvilleproductions Hi Dan,
Glad that that you like my tune "Circus Fantastic".
Your song "I Can't Feel No More" is as you know a favorite here. Keep up the good work and have a great day my friend!
Greetings from Sweden,
Svante / Clubsville
markse Thanks for the awesome comment and adding me to your station ;)
Swampman Thanks for the adding my music to your station cuz have a great week !
Robin421 Thanks for showing interest. I put a few new ones up if you want.
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